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Bovine Pregnancy Rapid Test Kit

₹ 280

₹ 400

(Minimum 10 Test)

Product Description

Product Description: Introducing the "AniEasy Bovine Pregnancy Rapid Test Kit" - Revolutionizing Pregnancy Detection in Cows & Buffaloes! Experience a modern and superior approach to pregnancy detection with the AniEasy Bovine Pregnancy Rapid Test Kit. This innovative kit harnesses the power of science to detect Pregnancy Associated Glycoprotein (PAGs) in the blood, providing reliable results within just 20 minutes. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to optimized reproductive efficiency in your livestock.

Key Features:

Pregnancy Associated Glycoprotein (PAGs) Detection: The AniEasy kit targets PAGs, a key marker of pregnancy in cows and buffaloes, ensuring accurate results you can trust. Rapid Results: In just 20 minutes, you'll have a clear answer regarding the pregnancy status of your livestock. Advanced Technology: This kit is designed with cutting-edge technology, providing swift and accurate detection for efficient reproductive management. Benefits of the AniEasy Bovine Pregnancy Rapid Test Kit: Optimized Reproductive Efficiency: With quick and reliable pregnancy detection, you can make informed decisions about breeding and management, leading to improved reproductive success. Effortless Monitoring: Veterinarians, breeders, and livestock owners can effortlessly monitor the pregnancy status of their animals, allowing for timely interventions and care. Time and Cost Savings: Skip the wait and the guesswork. The AniEasy kit saves you time and resources, ensuring you can allocate them where they matter most. Empowerment through Knowledge: Equipped with accurate pregnancy information, you can confidently plan and manage your livestock's reproductive cycles, resulting in healthier herds. Convenience: The AniEasy kit is designed for ease of use, making it an essential tool for all levels of expertise. Elevate your livestock management with the AniEasy Bovine Pregnancy Rapid Test Kit - the modern solution for accurate, fast, and efficient pregnancy detection. Ensure the reproductive success of your cows and buffaloes with confidence and precision. Order now and experience the difference in your reproductive management practices.