We Do

At BBC, we believe in offering a holistic and seamless experience for every dairy entrepreneur. Our one-stop solutions cover every fact of your journey:

Business Planning

Lay a solid foundation with a robust plan that align with your vision and goals.

Dairy Farm Design

Create the ideal infrastructure that maximizes efficiency and comfort for your dairy herd.

Equipment Selection

From milking systems to feeders, we guide you in choosing the right equipment for optimal operations.

Animal Sourcing

Find the best-fit-livestock that match your dairy’s objectives and ensure a thriving herd.

Breeding and Management

Ensure the health and productivity of your herd through expert breeding and management practices.

Hoof Care

Routine hoof trimming is a common practice to prevent lameness in cattle. The aim is to provide professional hoof trimming services to help you reduce the incidence and severity of lameness in your herd.

Training and Building Team:

We provide specialized training on herd management, farm automation systems, and Equipment maintenance to avoid equipment malfunction and to keep the operation running.

Go-to-Market Strategies

Launch your dairy products with effective strategies that connect you to your target audience.

Financial Analysis
Dairy Farms are a large capital investment so it’s critical to think ahead. We provide knowledge and directions on financial planning and analysis, budgets & cash flows for the smooth running of future and present dairies.